Friday, April 3, 2009


I’m all in favor of acts of courtesy. In general they make society a better place. However, I’ve had enough of a certain “courtesy”--door holding. I’m a grown man and I don’t need strangers holding the door for me. It’s uncomfortable and a little insulting. Why are you holding the door for me? I’m not your wife.

I suppose the door holder thinks he is helping in some way; however, this act of courtesy is extremely inefficient. Invariably it leads to a log jam at the door because no one is sure if they should walk through the door or let the guy holding the door go through. There is the awkward back and forth of “you go”, “no, you go”, “no, it’s alright, you go”, etc. Then someone finally begins to go through the door but the other person starts at the same time and you’re back to square one. Or the guy holding the door just refuses to move and you’re forced to submit to his act of “courtesy”. I hate this whole interaction and propose that people just open the door for themselves, go through, and let everyone else do the same. If you want to hold the door for your wife, more power to you but if you don’t know me, stop holding the door for me. I’m perfectly capable and you’re slowing me down.


The above statement only pertains to strangers. I’m quite fine with holding the door for my friends or family and don’t mind them doing the same.