Monday, April 6, 2009

Get Off that Phone!

I'm sitting in the library right now trying to study my anatomy while some idiot girl right next to me is having a full blown conversation on her cell phone as if she's the only person in the world. What are people thinking? It's bad enough in any public place to hear someone else's conversation but it's inexcusable in the library. Nobody wants to hear about your life, or the classes you're taking, or your plans for tonight, blah, blah, blah. How can people be so oblivious and self centered?

It's not like I came to the library for some peace and quiet so I could study. No, I came just so I could hear you yakking on your phone all about your life. Argh!!!! This absolutely drives me nuts. Get a clue people! Get up and go somewhere else; I don't want to hear it! I don't care that you miss your husband. I don't care that you have a date tonight. I don't care that your classes are sooo hard. I don't care that you are toootally starving. NOBODY cares! So do us all a favor. Shut up and take it somewhere else.

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