Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Reality TV Cry Babies!

It's been awhile since I've blogged so I figured I'd whip something out. I've got a wonderful blog all written and ready to post but Jocelyn keeps telling me to not post it because it's inappropriate. Stay tuned to see who wins this struggle of wills!

Anyway, tonight I was watching Survivor with Jocelyn while taking a studying break and it happened to be the episode where the family members show up to participate in one of the challenges. Like everything with Survivor this is a predictably lame stunt that happens every season. And you can always count on the fact that these people will cry like they've just been reunited with a POW that everyone thought was dead when in fact they've only been separated 30 days! I just don't get it. Where do they find these emotional wimps? I keep in touch with my family but there have been times where a month has gone by without speaking to them and I certainly didn't break down into unintelligible sobbing when we finally talked. Every time I see this episode I think to myself, "These people would have made terrible missionaries." I'll be heading home to Indiana in a few weeks for Christmas and am really excited but don't expect any tears.


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Craftymistress said...

No tears? I'm shocked. Ooh, and post the innapropriate blog. I'm sure it will be good for a laugh.

shannon said...

you're a riot. and i totally agree, but what about Extreme Makeover Home Edition...are tears appropriate there? cause i ALWAYS cry along with them!

Jill said...

Ben-you're heartless!:D Bob makes the same missionary comment's almost as predictable as the family members episode!

Vanessa said...

Ben, I'm hurt, no tears at Christmas...... I feel like I don't know you anymore, haha. I agree you should post the inappropriate blog, I'm curious!