Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mmmm Pets!

So I read these two articles the other day and here are my thoughts:

1. Kind of ironic that there is no shortage of money when it’s time to buy guns to propagate genocide across Africa but not enough money for food.

2. Good on em for eating their pets. I appreciate resourceful people.

3. Eating your pets is certainly nobler than asking for a handout or letting your children starve.

4. I’d do it.

5.I really like meat. If I was starving and had no meat…watch out pets

6. It was nice to see that the SPCA realized this was a true moral dilemma. If they had interviewed the PETA people, I’m sure they would have railed against the people of Zimbabwe for eating their pets.

7. All you can eat contests are the height of gluttony and a slap in the face to the truly hungry.

8. I’d eat well if I was homeless. I wouldn’t just be warming my hands over that trash can fire. I’d be grilling up some pigeon, squirrel, stray cat, etc.

9. The duck guy should go to jail for stealing but not animal cruelty. Where do you think the phrase “wringing someone’s neck” came from? If this requires jail time, then I guess our ancestors were degenerates that should have spent their lives in jail.

10. How is living in a hotel lobby pond unsafe? It’s heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer. You get fed every day. And you don’t ever have to worry about being eaten alive by a coyote. Watch out for hungry drunks though!


shannon said...

oh are on a roll today! and i agree whole heartedly with you! i mean, if i was hungry...okay, no...if i was STARVING (like the feeling you get on fast sunday) and i was homeless, you better believe i'd cook me up some stray animal. or, better yet, i'd have you do it!

ercundiff said...

That actually happened in St Paul (the duck thing) and I've been in the hotel. He wasn't hungry, he was DRUNK and beligerant and the way they have the lobby set up is very nice for the ducks. Read up on animal cruelty..pyschopaths tend to have that in their past.

Ben said...

Clearly this guy was a drunken bum and should be punished because you can't go around killing other people's animals. That’s stealing. I'm certainly not an advocate of animal cruelty or killing animals just for fun; however, I don't believe that yanking a duck's head off is cruel if you intend to eat the duck. It's a legitimate, age old method for killing a duck. Now if you're just doing it for "fun" and with no intention of eating the animal, then you've got problems. In this case the man said he was hungry so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

ercundiff said...

I'm sure he SAID he was hungry..but did he mention that there is a restaurant in the lobby as well..would've been much quicker to order a burger :)

Chris said...

I'm with you Ben, what is and isn't food really is culturally defined to a large extent.

Eat up bums, try and take out some of the pigeons crapping on my car all day downtown while you're at it.